Of our choice to be organic

Today we want to tell you about the paints we have chosen to colour our furniture, what they are made of and above all how they are made. Because you can’t be just half organic.

More than week has passed since the day characterized by the movement that has involved millions of young people from all over the world under the silent cry of “fridays for future”. And we, in our own small way, feel a little part of that movement. Our vision, ever since we founded the Cocò&Design brand, has always been one: producing 100% bio to keep us healthy, to make our children feel good and make the planet feel good.

A difficult choice, in some ways even complicated to do, especially in a country like ours, where sensitivity to issues such as the green and environmental protection are considered niche and often seen in a distorted way. Even more so when they relate to furnishings for children, “so much so that children grow up and their bedroom furniture changes …”

We have already told you about the poplar we use for the production of our furniture, today we want to tell you about our paints, also 100% organic, because we like it that way!

Let’s start by saying that they are made with renewable vegetable raw materials that are not competitive with human nutrition: the leaves that fall from the trees, the dry branches, etc. This organic waste is collected and processed into a biomass that is used as a natural resin.

A real bio-revolution, which eliminates the use of polluting resources such as oil in favour of an increasingly circular economy, which gives rise to lower emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and therefore to a lower quantity of organic compounds volatile (VOC) to breathe an increasingly clean air and finally that guarantees more health inside the environments, thanks to a reduction of indoor pollution.

The result is what you can see by browsing our catalog. Paints that are beautiful to look at and “healthy” to breathe, that do not pollute and last over time thanks to excellent hardness and great resistance to stains.

Want to know which paints we’re talking about? Keep following us and you’ll find out soon.

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