Baby playing in the Nanni bed that grows with the age of the child

Our multi-function furniture

Practical and, on a further inspection, also economic because designed to follow the growth of our child.

Parents are often led to look for the most advantageous solutions, especially from an economic point of view, when dealing with the topic of children’s purchases. Whether it’s clothing, or furniture for the bedroom. Well, we think exactly the opposite of this!

We are in fact of the idea that investing for our children and their future is not only an act of generosity but also and above all of responsibility towards them. This is why we have designed (and continue to do so!) Our furnishings in a functional way, with an eye that is particularly attentive to the quality of the raw materials used, but is not only that…

Our proposals are designed to follow the growth of the child and, in their “heart”, often hide different functions. Think of the Nanni bed, which fits perfectly up to 10 years old. Just move the divider and obviously adapt the mattress to the child’s growth. In the same way, Tana, our closet that can be accessorized with Duccio containers (which also serve as a practical seat) to keep the bedroom even more tidy. Cecco and Bice, respectively the bookcase and the small armchair that can be stacked and then transformed into practical bookcases where to place books and toys. Without forgetting the last two born of the Cocò house, or Maso, the Montessori learning tower that from the age of three turns into a high chair and then into a bookcase, and Bea, the shelf designed for the Nanni bed but which, depending on the tastes and needs, can be used independently and hung on the wall.

The advantage of furniture designed in this way is only one: a purchase of value that lasts over time, thanks to the high quality of the materials used, safe for the child and also for mum and dad. A factor, the latter, which should not be overlooked when dealing with the liveliness of children.

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