A little girl is put on make-up for a mother's carnival

Everything is ready for Carnival?

It is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable moments of the year here in Italy, not only for the little ones but also for the adults who have the opportunity to return children with them.

The confetti, the streamers, the colourful costumes and finally the makeup. The Carnival period has finally arrived and already we begin to see the first traces in the streets, painted with the thousand colours that this party brings with it as tradition teach us.

Carnival is a party that brings together everyone, young and old, who for once can become children again. It is a festival with very ancient origins, we even talk about the saturnians in Roman times, a time of year when the hierarchical order of society was overwhelmed and everything was lawful. On the other hand, the saying “Carnival every joke is valid” applies to most situations.

Today the Carnival holds with it so many things: it is synonymous with masks appreciated all over the world (think of the Venice Carnival and the clamour that each year recalls on itself), of allegorical floats (beautiful ones of Viareggio and Putignano) but also more simply all the town squares crowded with children, dressed up in the most varied costumes: from the great classics of tradition such as Harlequin, Meneghino, Pantalone, Colombina, which conceal ancient customs and habits, to modern super heroes, mostly taken from animated films that they are seen in the cinema, up to the classic heroes who play roles like the policeman, the fireman, etc.

What counts and unites everyone, however, is the feeling of joy that pervades every corner of the city throughout Italy, starting from “Fat Thursday” (which this year fell yesterday) to “Fat Tuesday”, which marks the end of the Carnival (except in Milan, where it is celebrated with the Ambrosian rite that continues until the Saturday following Fat Tuesday) and the beginning of Lent.

The beauty of Carnival, in fact, is its that never falling into a fixed date and this also contributes a lot to create that feeling of expectation and trepidation by the little ones that makes it even more magical.

Happy Carnival everyone!

P.S. Here our mascot Vanessa celebrating her first Carnival!

Vanessa dressed for carnival
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