A day dedicated to bees, to respect nature

On Monday 20, world bee day was celebrated, a true heritage of biodiversity able to guarantee, through their work, the survival of the ecosystem.

Respect for nature is a duty of each of us, to be performed for ourselves and for the environment in which we live. Too often we relegate it to others, complicit in laziness or carelessness. Last Monday we were reminded through a day dedicated to one of the smallest living beings, almost insignificant for someone but from whose work (tiring, every day) depends the survival of the whole ecosystem. Or the environment in which we live ourselves. And to which we must respect.

We are talking about bees. For the second consecutive year, on May 20th we celebrate the world day dedicated to them, these tiny insects that the United Nations has declared a heritage of biodiversity thanks to the fundamental role of the pollinators they carry out. An increasingly difficult task to carry out due to the massive use of pesticides, the practice of monocultures and finally the changes in land use, which is less and less agricultural and increasingly residential.

And a day dedicated to such a small but so big insect can only lead us to reflect even more on the importance of safeguarding our environment and on the importance of adopting a healthier lifestyle more in line with the need to preserve the planet we live in. Such as? Whether through small daily gestures (not wasting water, for example, sorting waste, avoiding pollution and moving, when possible, preferring vehicles such as bicycles, etc.) and by adopting practices and ways of consumption that are in line with modern environmental policies. So for example favour the purchase of zero km products, check the origin of what you buy, especially when it comes to organic. And not just with regards to food.

Be wary of those who profess respect for the environment but then first adopt behaviour that is not in line with its protection.

We as a company have long been committed to producing 100% organic and certified furnishings. In the first place, in fact, we have decided to put our well-being and that of our children who pass, both, from the well-being of the environment.

“I am me more my environment and if I do not preserve the latter I do not preserve myself.”

Cit. José Ortega y Gasset

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