A family celebrates by the sea

Mom and family: We tell you our opinion.

Some thoughts on two of the iconic figures of our society, which are celebrated in the month of May.

May 12th il the day dedicated to all the moms in the world, on the 15th the international family day is celebrated. Once these two figures (moms and families) were considered as two points of reference, the mother, seen as the goddess of the domestic hearth and the family was a real institution within society, today we witness real epochal changes that put them in question, accomplices, at times, news stories that see them as protagonists.

The reason  can be seen in the transformation of the roles, until now  they were well defined and nowadays more and more uncertain, that is a matter of new working needs, or  the commitments at home and outside that increase more and more and that in fact require a greater sharing between the parents (we had also mentioned something about this in our article here on the new fathers). It can be also for the new so-called “enlarged” families, where new parents appear next to their parents, perhaps with their respective children and their former spouses…

Modern moms? Modern families? It will, for us, always remain only mothers and families, with changed needs compared to the past, but with the desire and the desire to clearly show love for their children. Because in the end, what (apart from the news stories that were cited before) has not changed is precisely this: the love for their children, wanting to guarantee them (and not just offer!). At the best of their own possibility, both in economic terms but also and above all in terms of quality of life. More time for the game when they are young, and when they grow up for an activity to do together, whether it’s shopping, a cake, a movie on TV, a book to read…

Compared to the past, when “family” meant the nucleus composed of grandparents, uncles and cousins, today in the concept of family there are also those emotional bonds that are established with “external” people, from the neighbour, to the mother of the friend of the child who meets every day outside of school and with whom you share experiences and fears related to the educational path chosen for your child. Up to the friends of the “network” those who know each other on social media and with whom, perhaps, they chat until late at night, when everyone is in bed and finally they have some time alone for themselves.

Well, we don’t want to celebrate the mother or the family in themselves. We want to celebrate these bonds, and it doesn’t matter if they are blood or emotional ones. What really matters is that they are sincere and that they can give ourselves and our children the freedom to express what we really are.

Long live the Mother, long live the Family!

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