A father hugs his baby

Happy Father’s Day

Dads are celebrated next Tuesday, a figure that has strongly evolved in recent years and that has never before become fundamental in the growth and education of children. Here the reasons.

Once upon a time (unfortunately not so far) the father-master existed, today, fortunately there is the father, or ‘Babbo’ as he is called in some areas of Italy. Between the two definitions there is an abyss summarized with two key words: power vs authority.

Power was typical of the so-called father-master who, by virtue of his position within the family, dictated rules without giving explanations and demanded absolute obedience. Today the role of the father is (fortunately!) profoundly changed… And there is authority, or the ability of the father to listen to the needs of the child, while remaining firm in his decision. An authoritative parent knows what he wants to achieve and tries to explain to the child the reason for a request or rule.

An abyss there is no doubt, which has allowed the father to stand beside the mother figure in the growth and education of children, becoming a point of reference: from the male side, the model with which to identify; on the feminine side, the model on which to shape the representation of oneself or one’s partner in future sentimental relationships. And finally, within the family, the mediator of the mother-child relationship, the one who supports the mother and supports her in the day by day, bringing harmony and helping the child to discover the outside world that, thanks to him, does less fear.

The result? Today’s fathers are real play and adventure companions, but they are also a safe haven to take refuge in when something is wrong and you need comfort and confrontation. They are people who are not afraid to live their emotions deeply and are not afraid to show them to their child, be positive (joyful) or negative (crying).

An important evolution from the social point of view, which led to the redemption of the father figure and at the same time allowed the mothers to reduce the sense of guilt typical of those who feel responsible for the growth of their child.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone!

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