The Cocò & Design mascot with ICA Bio Iride paints

For our furniture we have chosen ICA paints

In the age of sharing we want to reveal to you who is behind the beautiful colours of our furniture. Because ours, wants to be the conscious choice of an Italian company that, like us, cares about the well-being of the individual.

ICA is an Italian company, based in Bologna, which has a specific goal: to improve the quality of products through the enhancement of human resources, that is, of the people who work within it. This was the presentation we received when we met her, and it couldn’t be more positive than that.

A company that knows how to innovate and that is attentive to the well-being of the individual. A company that has designed a line of environmentally friendly paints that we have chosen for our furniture: the Iridea Bio paints.

What is it? They are water-based paints, made with renewable materials that derive from innovative refining processes of “waste” vegetable substances, which are not competitive with human nutrition. We already talked about it some time ago, without revealing the name. Today we have decided to share our choice with you, aware of having taken the best route. And not just from an aesthetic point of view…

Iridea Bio paints are nothing short of revolutionary and even from a production standpoint they guarantee high levels of environmental sustainability. Another aspect not to be underestimated is the smell: not being toxic, they do not have the typical smell of paint, persistent and penetrating which in the long run bothers. And this, for the well-being of children, should not be underestimated. Finally, they are very stain resistant. More child-proof plus!

With ICA and Iridea Bio paints we are planning an important event: the Interzum fair in Cologne from 21st to 24th May. We will be present in their stand (hall 10.2, stand D-050) with a set-up made with some of our furniture: Lapo in yellow version, Rigo desk in green, Bella cot in pink, Cecco bench in blue , the Duccio box and finally our Montessori learning tower, Maso.

A curiosity: the organic paints used on these furnishings have made it possible to reduce carbon dioxide by a value of over 2 kg (2.2 for accuracy), equivalent to 15 km travelled by car.

A 100% green choice that makes us even more proud and happy with this collaboration!

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