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CasaCocò, the happy panel

Happy panel

Poplar plywood with
0% formaldehyde

It is a panel made of a poplar multilayer of category 1 (unlike those normally used in category 3) which includes an innovative non-toxic gluing system based on soya. This technology has been designed to eliminate formaldehyde emissions, avoiding indoor pollution and improving the quality of the air in the bedrooms.

Bio paints

Bio paints are made with renewable materials that come from innovative processes of refining vegetable wastes .

CasaCocò Collection


Padding and fabrics

CocoeDesign Arredi Bio Per Infanzia Collezione DolceCocò In Imbottiti E Tessuti


After construction, our bio spelt husks, made of a TRITICUM DICOCCUM variety, remain whole but hollow inside. This way, multiple air pockets form creating an elasticity which is safe for use with newborns and boasts an anti-suffocation and anti-sweat technology!!! Spelt husks have a positive result on skin and even internal organs.


The choice to use latex provides a unique elasticity and flexibility to the final product and contributes to creating an eco-friendly and strong product. Latex has extraordinary and natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial features. Its microcell structure creates a hostile environment for some microorganisms such as dust mites which live and breed within heat and moisture.


Organic or eco-friendly cotton comes from non-genetically modified plants which are grown with natural products instead of fertilizers and chemical pesticides. It is 100% pure and well tolerated by people with allergies or dermatitis.

Bamboo sponge

Bamboo is a fibre with exceptional properties: extremely soft (it can be compared to silk), it is however also very strong. Bamboo waves are antimicrobial and highly breathable; in other words, they do not accumulate moisture and sweat on the skin; as a result, the formation of unpleasant odours is avoided.

DolceCocò Collection

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