Mom and baby on the road looking out the window of a train

Ready for the trip? Let’s start with our kids!

Accomplices the arrival of summer (we hope!) And a long period characterized by school holidays, this is the perfect time to travel with children.

Traveling with a child yes or no? Certainly yes, even if the children are small, obviously with an eye on the destination and the type of trip that must be well organized and take into account their needs. In general, traveling is something positive for everyone, not just for adults.

Traveling is first of all sharing. Of spaces (the vehicle on which you move, by car, train or an airplane, and then… The room of a hotel or a house when you arrive at your destination), of emotions and moods, of stories, of what one encounters and that is seen and interpreted differently.

A fundamental mix of actions that is even more important for a child, which helps him to grow and broaden his horizons of observation of the outside world. The journey is the way to become aware of a reality external to its everyday comfort zone, made from home, school, friends, grandparents, etc.

The trip allows the child to meet new people, new cultures, to confront oneself with customs and habits (those of the city or of the country one visits) often different from one’s usual ones and for this reason they give the child the opportunity to relate and to adapt. And it is this ability to adapt, depending on the situations you encounter, the key to a future and successful life, both in private and in the workplace.

Another certainly fundamental aspect of the journey is the possibility of sharing emotions and experience in general with one’s parents. Away from everyday tasks, homework and everyday stress, traveling is an important way to be together, to compare, to learn to consider the world around us from different points of view and see it, perhaps with the eyes of our children . So the journey (especially when children are older) can be understood as a way to reflect together and exchange useful insights.

Are you ready to go? Have a good trip and Happy Easter!

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