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Furniture line made from Poplar plywood and organic paints

Happiness room

Cameretta Bio Allegria

Harmony room

Cameretta Bio Armonia

Energy room

Cameretta Bio Energia

Fantasy room

Cameretta Bio Mirtillo


The textile line made of soft and cuddly furnishings

Want to know what we do?

The Cocò&Design products are born from Tuscan Craftmanship. We focus on what is best for parents and their children by using innovative designs that exclude unnecessary hazards within our products. We want families to not have worry about their children getting injured or sick while living in their bedrooms. This is why all the materials and paint used at Cocò&Design are organic, natural, safe.


Our fun and playful colors in combination with our Montessori style, ensures parents everywhere that their children are safe when using our products.

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